8 most impressive questions you can ask in a job interview


The 8 most impressive questions you can ask in a job interview – Career Centre Malaysia

Job interviews are a two-way street.

The hiring manager asks the applicant questions to figure out if they’re the ideal candidate, while the interviewee asks the employer questions to figure out if they’re the right fit.

But even when the hiring manager is the one in the hot seat, they’re still evaluating you as a potential employee. So it’s imperative that you ask good, smart questions — ones that will impress the interviewer.

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local and author of “Likeable Social Media,” recently asked a few of his friends at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs, to share the one most impressive interview question applicants have asked (or that they wish applicants would ask).

He published their responses (as well as his own favorite question) in a recent LinkedIn post.

Here are our favorites:

1. What can I help to clarify that would make hiring me an easy decision? —Dan Pickett, cofounder of Launch Academy

2. How do you see this position evolving in the next three years? —Jared Brown, cofounder of Hubstaff

3. What’s the most frustrating part of working here? —Avery Fisher, president of Remedify

4. Who’s your ideal candidate and how can I make myself more like them? —Phil Laboon, president of Eyeflow Internet Marketing

5. How did you get your start? —Jayna Cooke, CEO of EVENTup

6. What keeps you up at night? —Kofi Kankam, CEO of Admit.me

7. What concerns/reservations do you have about me for this position? —John Berkowitz, cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer of Yodle

8. How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the organization’s mission? —Dave Kerpen, founder and CEO of Likeable Local.

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8 most impressive questions you can ask in a job interview  – Career Centre Malaysia