Junior Brand Ambassador

Graphite Marketing
Job Detail - Jawatan Kosong Junior Brand Ambassador
  • Range SalaryConfidential
  • Career LevelJunior
  • ExperienceAny
  • GenderBoth
  • IndustryDevelopment
  • Minimum EducationAny Level, STPM, Diploma
Job Overview - Jawatan Kosong Junior Brand Ambassador

“The ones who are crazy enoughto think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” Acreative person that can provide a lot of effective idea to change the way tobe a success person. To be a success person should have countless of knowledge.To get the knowledge, you should find the right way to gain it. Indirectly youcan change the world.

If you want to change the worldthat you can control, you should have enough knowledge for you to lead theroute. So, in our group you can meet someone with crazy minded that can changetheir world to be a success person and also make you a better person with a lotcompetency that you cannot expected. You will learn how to be a leader in team,manage you team and make a decision toward the mission given. Let’s Change theWorld!!


1. Professional face to face coaching

2. Exclusive incentive and reward

3. Create valuable memories

4. Education Travelling

5. Worldwide verified certification

Looking for:

1. Brave to make a step forward.

2. Fun and crazy person

3. Maintain attitude during working

4. Self-preparing with the mission given

5. Transformative approach to leadership


1.  Contributes information, ideas, and researchto help develop marketing strategies

2. Set the model for excellencethrough leading by example

3. Work collaboratively with theteam player

4. Ability to control thecritical situation

5. Coaching for your new babies.

To changethe world, walk out from your comfort zone, then you can see the great world.Make your world full of magnificent then join us!

Thank you.