. Junior Buzz Ambassador

Graphite Marketing
Job Detail - Jawatan Kosong . Junior Buzz Ambassador
  • Range SalaryConfidential
  • Basic Salary81100
  • Career LevelJunior
  • ExperienceAny
  • GenderBoth
  • IndustryDevelopment
  • Minimum EducationAny Level
  • Job BenefitsCommission
Job Overview - Jawatan Kosong . Junior Buzz Ambassador

Have you found your destination? Monster University Movie, ThereAlways More Than One Path to Your Destination. One of the characters in themovie which is Mike. His goal in life is to become a scarer and he thinks theonly way to get there is by going to Monsters University. He shattered whenthis dream falls apart but he gets the job of his dreams eventually byfollowing a different. The path you want to follow might not be the right onefor you. Especially if it the road that everyone else has followed.

Keep your eyes on the destination that you want. Let join us andtry different way to achieve your dream with the ability you have. Then youalso can develop your ability such as leadership skills, decision making skill andmanagement skills then become scarer like Mike even you look small but you havea big dream!!

The reward you will obtain:

1. Boundless bonus

2. Weekly team reward

3. Extensive Business Training Program

4. Professional face to face training

5. Roadtrip project around Malaysia

The Characteristic you should have:

1. Risk taker and challenges

2. Someone that scary but funny

3. Intense and energetic to train new Brand Ambassador

4. Courageous and eager to perform the task

5. Good communication with people

What you should do:

1. Creative in contributes the suggestion

2. Manage daily administrative report

3. Creates a plan for gaining customers and money

4. Sets target for team development   

5. Analyses the competition to create a plan make money


Many ways you can try to make your dream came true. Join theteam and became a scarer to achieve your dream.

Thank you and fighting. Monster.